1.    We have launched a first-come first served adult to adult mentorship program for adults age 21 to 60

The program will consist of a collaboration between Ladder Back Down and Black & Scot, to empower Black and Minority Ethnic humans to achieve our potential in industry, business and education.

We jointly aim to deliver a lean and effective mentoring program to equip individuals from the BAME community with the support to develop skills, confidence and ultimately more prospects to become successful in their career in industry or as business owners.

One to one mentoring meetings will take place between a mentor and mentee under Chatham House Rules, will apply in all sessions, whether discussing studies, career or business goals.

Such meetings will involve confidential discussion and listening sessions between a mentor and mentee seeking motivation or support to achieve their personal goals.

To progress with the program, we’re calling for Mentors and Mentees who may wish to take advantage of this program.

Kindly contact us at by Saturday 6th February with your details and let us know if you would like to be mentored or to join us as a mentor, to enable us to pair mentors and mentees together and kickstart the program by Monday 23rd February.

2.    Details of an IT/Cyber traineeship program  (20 spaces only) 18 – 20 year olds will be announced shortly.